Jul 262014

1 - Rajasthan

Welcome to Rajasthan​! Let’s explore this crazy place while I assemble a bedding collection for Katherine Rally Textiles. Please try to pay no attention to the 120 degree heat 🙂


2 - Rajasthan

As I tour lots of different production outfits, massive scale production facilities boggle my mind like this one with a 3.5m wide printing table. The table is so wide that the printers must smooth out fabric wrinkles by skating down its length with bare feet.


3 - Rajasthan

Starting with a wood block, we begin India production with a mini version of our popular Haveli pattern. We will print this up in a few of our popular colors for bedding sheets and pillows. We’re not sharing photos of our duvet and pillow bedding collections yet. That secret will be hopefully revealed when we attend at the New York Gift Show Aug 17! Please come see us in Home Textiles booth 1873.


4 - Rajasthan

While waiting for sampling to be completed, I dart about Japiur in search of famous Bollywood shooting locations. At this abandoned well, the kindly security guard asked me to leave, but then insisted on snapping my picture.


5 - Rajasthan

I uncovered the Suzani motherlode​ in the musty basement floor of an industrial district warehouse. After taking almost everything out, I left without buying anything. Ha ha!


6 - Rajasthan

These village kids escape the heat by cooling off in this reflecting pool of an ancient cemetery in Udaipur. Meanwhile in the shadows, legions of black faced lemur monkeys look on waiting for their turn.


7 - Rajasthan

Time to relax at the end of my trip and I dash off to tourist friendly Udaipur. ​ With a Kingfisher beer as company, I soaked up the magnificent evening vibe while watching scores of dog sized fruit bats engage in a full scale aerial attack as they devour insects flying above lake’s surface.

May 092014

boat picture


pulau weh


roman in hammock

Palau Weh – We loved finding these great colorful wooden boats scattered all over the beaches in Palau Weh. The sand at our feet was alive with thousands of hermit crabs which endlessly entertained the kids.


lake toba

Lake Toba – Imagine a huge volcanic lake the size of rhode island and then place an island the size of Singapore in the middle accessible only by boat. A scattering a or adventure tourists greet you in any one of only three restaurants. Of course we ran into people we knew from Ubud!


napping with palm trees

And all this relaxing? Well it leads only to MORE relaxing…

Apr 302014


Colonial Houses of Yangon – We definitely hired the right taxi driver at the airport. He got us into a bunch of these old decrepit colonial beauties. Each had several families living inside.



Mrauk U: The smaller Bagan near the Bangladeshi border provided an authentic temple sunrise experience. Smoke from morning cooking fires contributed greatly to the exotic ambiance.



Chin Villages: “Excuse me sir, may I take your picture”?



Water Jars – I definitely became obsessed with picking up one of these souvenirs with just the right amount of abuse patina.



Trekking in Shan State – Hunting and gathering our food as we weaved our way between the opposing forces of the Myanmar and Shan armies on patrol.



Last Stop – Shopping in the bazaar in Hsipau. This lady greeted us as we perused her selection of wares.

Apr 302014


Alsisar – We explored this tiny north Rajasthan former trading post. We got lost in our near empty rajasthan haveli hotel, wandering around, ducking into empty ballrooms and guest suites .



A secret undisclosed location: We headed out into the hills. We spotted no bandits, but did get a ride to our conical desert hut via camel. Dinner was served fireside, under the acacia trees.



Jodhpur – A trip to an ancient haveli palace. We said not thank you to offers of opium tea, but we did take the chance to run around the palace and goof off.



Last stop Jaipur – We stopped at the ​Anokhi museum and ​we ​all tried our hand at wood block printing. Egads, it is much more difficult than it looks.

Apr 292014

athens grafitti

Athens – The acropolis was amazing, blah blah blah but what I really noticed was the amazing and ubiquitous graffiti


grecian saints

Houses of the Holy: All the tiny churches and miniature shrines thorough Greece contained these beautiful hung pictures of the saints.


meteora monastery rock

Meteora – Sandstone formations out of a Dr. Seuss book filled with shrines, hermits and monasteries. Spend time wandering around and getting lost exploring them.


naxos2symi yacht

Ahh, the Islands – Start in Rhodes, and like Odessus, just pick your way across the Agean. Or if you prefer, just park the megayacht and pour yourself a crystal glass of champagne


Santorini sunset

Santorini – Yes, it’s true. This crowded, spectacular island continues to dazzle and delight. Our entire day revolved around watching the sunset from our rental cave in Oia.